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MTN Offers: MTN Free After 1, Krokrooko, Mashup, Special Data

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  • By Aku Sika
  • . 3rd December, 2017 .
  • 2 minutes read .
  • Updated on 31st December, 2023

Looking for ways to get the most out of your MTN service?

Try these MTN data and airtime offers and promos to save money on mobile service cost.

MTN Free After 1

With MTN Free After 1, you get to pay only for the first minute of calls; the subsequent minutes are free.

This promo is similar to Vodafone Kasa Tenten.

In addition, MTN gives you free 50MB data (valid for a day) to browse.

Dial MTN Free After 1 short code *550# to begin enjoying this offer.

MTN Free After 1 is one of the best MTN offers that saves you a lot of money. Go ahead and subscribe fo this offer today. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about this MTN Free After 1 promo.

This promo is also known as MTN Nkomode.

MTN Kokrooko

Are you an early bird or a night owl? If you are the former, then this is for you.

With the MTN Kokrooko offer, you get 400MB of data between 5am - 8am (3 hours) every morning for just GH₵ 1.06.

Dial *138# choose Internet Packs and select Kokrooko to subscribe now.

MTN Mashup

Mashup is one of the most exciting features of MTN Pulse. This is for users who like to balance between making phone calls and browsing the internet.

The Mashup comes in Daily, Weekly and Monthly bundles and they cost GH₵ 1, GH₵ 5 and GH₵ 10 - GH₵ 30 respectively.

The bundles come in the following mixes:

Daily - SMS: 50, WhatsApp: 50 MB, Main Data: 90 MB (Maximum), Voice Call: 45 Minutes (Maximum)

Weekly - SMS: 50, Social: 70 MB, Main Data: 257 MB (Maximum), Voice Call: 128 Minutes (Maximum)

Monthly - SMS: 50,Main Data: 3GB MB (Maximum), Voice Call: 250 Minutes (Maximum)

To subscribe for this, dial the MTN Mashup short code *567#. Choose Your MTN Mashup Package: Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Select what you want and enter 1 to activate the chosen package.

MTN Sunday Special

With just 50 pesewas, you get to talk and text for free all day on MTN from morning till 6pm on Sundays.

For just Ghc 1.20 you get to make MTN calls till midnight and 20 MB of data to browse the internet.

Dial Sunday Special short code *550#, choose more and select Sunday offer to subscribe now.

MTN Special Data Offer

MTN Ghana now gives you up to 850MB data when you buy data using the short code *141#.

Instead of using the usual short code *138#, just dial *141# for your special data. If the data package you see is good enough, subscribe. If not, use the regular data bundle short code.

Extend MTN bonus for Only 1 Pesewa

MTN Ghana gives you 100% bonus credit every time you buy airtime using your mobile money, which is great except that it is only valid for 3 7 days. But did you know you can top up with as little as 1 Ghana pesewa and get to extend your bonus credit by 7 days?

MTN bonus credit can be used for MTN to MTN calls and SMS

Assuming you have GH₵20 worth of bonus credit that will be expiring today and you don't want to use all the bonus credit or top up with 1 Ghana Cedi or above, you can top up with 1 Ghana pesewa and get to extend your GH₵20 bonus credit by 7 more days. Follow these simple steps to do that.

Do this using your MTN Mobile Money.

Dial MTN Mobile Money shortcode *170#, select Buy Airtime and under Enter Amount, type 0.01

Enter your mobile number and enter your PIN to confirm transaction.

That's it, your bonus credit will be extended by 7 days. And it was for only 1 Ghana pesewa.

Buy Airtime MTN
           Mobile Money

Make sure you top up again before the close of the 7th day or you will lose all your bonus credit. If you keep doing this every six days, your bonus credit will never expire. And that will cost you just some few pesewas.

*Note: 0.01 = 1 Ghana Pesewa

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