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Live Transcribe: Google's State-Of-The-Art Transcription App

  • By Ludvic Kraku
  • . 12th June, 2019 .
  • 1 minute read

This is a new app created by The Google AI Research Team. It is mainly for accessibility purposes, but anyone at all can use it.

Using Google's state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition technology, Live Transcribe performs real-time transcription of speech and sound to text.

How do I Download and Use the Live Transcribe app?

You can download the app from your app store, just search for Live Transcribe, download and install it on your phone. Now open the app and speak into your phone right away. You can do this with or without a headset.

Whatever you say will be transcribed into text, which you can later copy to your clipboard and paste it wherever you want to.

Live Transcribe also has the ability to detect sounds such as music, snoring, flowing water, toilet flush, whistling etc.

It's very impressive how this recognition technology detects most of the sounds in a normal human environment. Give it a try and let us know what you think of this technology.

Note: It's still in its developmental stages and that means it doesn't get everything right. But hopefully, in the next few years it would be perfect. This technology has now been fully integrated into Google's new Pixel 4 phone.

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