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NABCO News [Start Date, Stipend]

NABCO interview 2018
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  • By Aku Sika
  • . 20th May, 2018.
  • 2 minutes read. Updated on 10th January, 2018

NABCO Stipend

NABCO stipend will be paid via e-zwich.
For those who haven't yet received their December stipend, note that it will be paid after the first week of January 2019.

Payment of monthly stipends will commence once verification of the ezwich details are done

When will postings and work officially begin?

Work begins on November 1, 2018.

NABCO Trainees should note that NABCO Secretariat has started notifying trainees of their placements organisation's. This is happening in batches and will be completed by October 31, 2018.

Trainees who have been notified of placements via text are to resume duty on November 1, 2018 at 8:00am at the district of placement of the organisation, as indicated in the text message. If you face any challenges, kindly report to the District Coordinator of NABCO.

My Status is Still Pending

If your status remains pending after October 5, 2018, please know that you have not been selected.

Batch Placements and Module Orientation

Institutional placements will now take place for all NABCO trainees from Monday October 8, 2018.


Please expect calls from NABCO on October 8, 2018.

According to NABCO's official website,
"While all regions have been covered, some districts remain outstanding. These should be resolved before the weekend. Please wait to be contacted and don’t make assumptions about your entitlement. Under no circumstance should you demand a call..."

Trainees are expected to report to work after the public passing out ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

NABCO orientation and training start weeks leading to passing out ceremony on October 17, 2018. Also, training by some Module Implementation Partners (MIP) commences this week into the week after the Passing Out Ceremony. Example GRA for Revenue Ghana.

NABCO passing out ceremony (institutional placement notifications): October 17, 2018

Note: you will need to take your signed original letter of engagement to the district office on the orientation day.

NABCO Interview SMS Notifications

Successful applicants will receive notification via SMS. This will start on 23rd August, 2018.

Alternatively, you can check the status of your application by logging in on NABCO's website with your NABCO number and password.

I got selected, what do I do?

You are to PRINT, SIGN, SCAN and UPLOAD all pages of the Letter of Engagement to to confirm your acceptance.

Second Batch Placement

If you didn't receive an SMS notification or your application status was "pending" earlier, don't worry, from September 11, 2018 you will receive a notification about your application. You may also check NABCO's online portal to view your status.

You are NOT to submit the signed copy to the district offices or any other office.

NABCO Orientation and Training

The whole NABCO orientation will start after all successful applicants have been notified. Orientation and training will start on 27th September, 2018. Training will take place in your district.

Successful applicants will receive SMS notification to start the pre-deployment training.

NABCO Official Start Date

Trained applicants will officially begin work after November 1, 2018.

Second Batch

Currently, NABCO is still verifying documents for all applicants to Feed Ghana and Heal Ghana modules. Some other applicants' documents are also being verified. Therefore their verification status will read "pending".

Note: From September 11, 2018, you will be notified to proceed to complete the selection process.

I have successfully booked my interview appointment, what's next?

Well, you show up at the district office on the date and time for the interview. You have to take along with you:

ID cards, original copies of certificates and other relevant documents you applied with.

Interview will be conducted in your chosen district.

NABCO Interview Questions

Here are some few tips. You will be asked questions:

  • About yourself
  • On how well you are informed about the NABCO programme
  • Why you want to be part of the NABCO programme
  • Your competence and skills (especially problem-solving skills)
  • Your work experience

Where do I find more resources on NABCO to prepare for the interview?

You can find more information on NABCO's Knowledge Base Page. You should also follow NABCO on Facebook and Twitter to get up-to-date information on the programme.

NABCO Interview Dates

From June 4 to June 15, you can log on to NABCO's website and log in using your email address and unique code to select an appointment date. You then get an opportunity to select a 2nd and a 3rd module to improve your chances of getting selected.

NABCO Interview Timelines (2018)

REVENUE Ghana: June 18 - June 25

DIGITISE Ghana: June 26 - July 2

FEED Ghana: July 3 - July 6

CIVIC Ghana: July 6 - July 10

ENTERPRISE Ghana: July 11 - July 16

EDUCATE Ghana: July 17 - July 21

HEAL Ghana: July 23 - July 27

Facing challenges with your email address, password or any other issue?

Visit NABCO's support platform and send a report.

Note: Interview will be conducted in your chosen district.