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Telcos Apps in Ghana: MyMTN, My Vodafone, AirtelTigo

  • By Aku Sika
  • . Updated on 10th March, 2024 .
  • 2 minutes read

Things are changing so fast and getting better, and in this fast-paced technology world, you've got to tag along.

That's why you have to download the various official apps by the Telcos to make your life simpler.

Below are the listed functions and download links of MyMTN, My Vodafone and AirtelTigo apps.


Once you download the MyMTN app that's all you will need for all you MTN activities.

MTN Ghana has done incredibly well to compile all the features on this app including its MTN MoMo service.

With this app on your smartphone, you literally don't have to remember any short code. What a relief!

Below are the functions you will find on the app.

  1. Buy airtime for yourself and friends and check airtime usage
  2. Buy all the various data packages and check each and everyone of them
  3. Do all MTN Mobile Money transactions including money transfer, checking balance, paying bills etc
  4. Check all your subscriptions
  5. Bundle MTN Mashup offers
  6. Transfer airtime from MTN to MTN
  7. Contact the customer service, find a nearby MTN office and easily make complaints.

Download MyMTN Ghana app:

My Vodafone (Now Telecel Play)

If you are a Vodafone (Now Telecel) user with a smartphone, you should definitely check out their My Vodafone app.

Vodafone (Now Telecel) Ghana has considerably improved upon their My Vodafone app which used to be very buggy.

This app version gets the job done without crashing (I'm looking at you old app).

Download this app to the enjoy the whole Vodafone experience. The present is exciting!

Below are the functions you will find on the app.

  1. Top up airtime
  2. Check broadband balance, change plan, move data plan and even request for a broadband
  3. Buy data bundles
  4. Make Vodafone Cash transactions including money transfer, checking balance, paying bills etc
  5. Check all your subscriptions and new Vodafone offers
  6. Contact the customer service, locate a nearby Vodafone store

Download My Vodafone (Now Telecel Play) Ghana app:

My AirtelTigo

Download the AirtelTigo from your play store to enjoy the convenience of a truly mobile experience

Below are the features you will find on the AirtelTigo app.

  1. Manage your account
  2. View and update your registration details, view your airtime balance and bonuses
  3. Top Up your airtime and data
  4. Buy bundles and subscribe to to AirtelTigo offers
  5. Access your AirtelTigo Money (ATM) anywhere

Download AirtelTigo app:

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